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7/10 space management sim is free to keep on Steam

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Space Crew is the predecessor to Bomber Crew and if you’ve played the latter, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this space adventure. If you’re into stressful, anxiety-inducing management simulators, Space Crew may be your next addiction. The best part is, Space Crew: Legendary Edition is now free to keep on Steam.

In short, Space Crew: Legendary Edition is a single-player strategic survival game set in space. The sci-fi setting and variety of appropriately themed weaponry on hand makes combat enjoyable. It does share similarities with Bomber Crew, but the development team has done a solid job of taking the chaos to new heights in Space Crew, both metaphorically and literally.

Humanity needs your Space Crew!

In Space Crew: Legendary Edition, you’re in charge. Captain your own ship and recruit a crew to join you on adventures across the galaxy. Train your crew to become an elite threat against the Phasmids that want to wipe out humans and even threaten your own ship. Don’t get too attached, however, as dangerous missions will result in your loyal squad mates getting lost along the way, as you fight to defend Earth from the alien species.

In the three years that Space Crew has been on Steam, it has continued to be supported with new content. Android Ambush is the latest campaign which will see you go head to head with an army led by rogue androids. Also, you can battle it out across a fresh star system, containing various gear and upgrades.

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If you want to break free from the constraints of your ship, Away Team missions allow you to do just that. Select crew members to take out on foot to explore outposts and vessels. The missions you’ll be faced with range from puzzles, to combat, so make sure your crew are equipped with the best abilities to face whatever challenges are thrown at you.

If you’re ready to embark on a legendary intergalactic adventure, claim your free copy of Space Crew: Legendary Edition on Steam before the offer expires on March 14. Simply visit the official Steam page and click “add to account.” The title will instantly join your library of games where you’ll be able to begin your download.

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