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Oxygen Not Included team reveals plans for paid DLCs

oxygen not included new paid dlc

After an extended time packed with smaller free updates, Oxygen Not Included devs have revealed that they will be switching their focus to paid DLCs. These more substantial expansions will be focused on new content to keep the gameplay fresh.

Oxygen Not Included hit Steam in 2017, where it remained in Early Access until the summer of 2019. The last major update launched in 2021 with the Spaced Out! DLC and the title has received less substantial updates ever since.

Oxygen Not included DLCs are making a long awaited return

The minds behind the hit colony simulator explain, “when we were originally considering making more DLCs back in early 2022, we had just come off a three-year-long haul on Spaced Out!, and our ideas for future DLCs were on a similar scale.”

Although making them fit with the base game and Spaced Out! Was “daunting” for them, “DLC ideas just kept coming,” with many “focused on content that would be a more natural fit with the base game, Spaced Out!, DLC, and each other.”

Now the decision has been made to switch back to paid DLCs, they’ll be planned around “new asteroids packed with new biomes, critters, plants, buildings, elements, lore, and blueprints.”

A schedule for future DLC content isn’t set in stone, but “a chilly new starting asteroid” has been teased to arrive this year. Colony customisation will also be expanded, not only unlockable through gameplay, but through “new collections in DLC,” too.

A price point hasn’t been confirmed either, but “the plan is to have them cost less than the Spaced Out! DLC,” says Klei Entertainment. This particular DLC has a £10.29/$10.39 price tag and only time will tell how close upcoming DLCs will be to that price.

oxygen not included updates

Of course, free quality of life updates will continue to roll out to keep our colonies ticking over smoothly.

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