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How to make No Man’s Sky in Infinite Craft

how to make no man's sky in infinite craft

As the name suggests, Infinite Craft is a sandbox game that allows your imagination to run wild with countless possibilities. No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival, but its requirements are less demanding in Infinite Craft.

Creating a game within a game appears to be pushing the limits of what Infinite Craft has to offer. However, it’s not always as difficult as it seems, especially when it comes to No Man’s Sky.

How to make No Man’s Sky in Infinite Craft

There are a total of 14 combinations you have to make to reach No Man’s Sky. The final piece to the puzzle requires you to mix Vaporwave with Galaxy and here is how to access them:

  • Fire and Wind make Smoke
  • Fire and Water make Steam
  • Steam and Fire make Engine
  • Engine and Engine make Rocket
  • Rocket and Rocket make Satellite
  • Engine and Steam make Train
  • Train and Rocket make Bullet Train
  • Bullet Train and Satellite make Internet
  • Internet and Smoke make Vaporware
  • Earth and Wind make Dust 
  • Dust and Earth make Planet 
  • Planet and Planet make Star
  • Star and Star make Galaxy
  • Vaporwave and Galaxy make No Man’s Sky
no man's sky infinite craft recipe

There are a variety of games that you can make in Infinite Craft, with some being easier than others. If you’re a fan of Fortnite, we have the recipe you need to create the battle royale. It’s also possible to create Pokemon, as well as your favourite types to accompany you on your crafting journey.

Even the recipe for No Man’s Sky leads to the creation of Minecraft. Combine No Man’s Sky with Planet and you will get Minecraft, unlocking even more possibilities relating to each game.

If you’re interested in the mysteries of space, you can access your very own universe at your fingertips by learning how to make Mars, Venus, and even aliens.