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Helldivers 2 patch notes fix Super Credits and crashes

helldivers 2 patch notes february 28

Since Helldivers 2 launched at the beginning of February, it has been a hit due to its chaotic co-op combat and addictive nature. Arrowhead Games’ first-person shooter became so popular that the servers couldn’t stretch to meet player demands. A new patch has now gone live and the fight for democracy continues in Helldivers 2, along with fixes related to AFK kicks, game crashes, and more.

Update 1.000.13 also makes some important repairs to vanishing Super Credits and the previously inaccessible Premium Warbond. The development team concludes the patch by provided an insight into what further fixes they’re working on for the future.

Helldivers 2 patch notes (February 28)

Here’s the full rundown of the update, courtesy of Arrowhead Games.


  • Improved: login speed and error messages on PS5
  • Improved: support for AZERTY keyboards by allowing the Ship HUD shortcuts to be rebound
  • Fixed: Super Credits not showing up after purchase or collection
  • Fixed: Premium Warbond not being accessible after purchase
  • Fixed: crash which could occur when a player changed their rank or title
  • Fixed: missing text in HUD for Acquisitions and Social menus
  • Fixed: crash which could occur while browsing missions.
  • Fixed: unlimited stratagem use glitch which occurred after an AFK kick
  • Fixed: missing equipment issues after an AFK kick
  • Fixed: purple question marks appearing after an AFK kick

Known Issues

These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed.

  • New Personal Orders are not showing
  • Login rate limiting when many are logging in at the same time
  • Players can become disconnected during play
  • Rewards and other progress may be delayed or not attributed
  • Various UI issues may appear when the game interacts with servers
  • Pick-up of certain objects in-game may cause characters to freeze in place for an extended period of time
  • Some games would not be joinable by others for a short period of time during heavy load
  • Other unknown behaviors may occur
  • Japanese VO is missing from intro cutscene and Ship TV
  • Armor values for light/medium/heavy armor do not currently function as intended
helldivers 2 update today snow storm

That concludes the latest round of Helldivers 2 bug fixes.

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