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Monopoly Go Road to Stardom event rewards

Monopoly Go Road to Stardom rewards

Monopoly Go has launched a Road to Stardom event and there are plenty of opportunities to earn stickers and start your new album strong.

To earn points towards the event, you must land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. A base number of +2 points are on offer for landing on Chance, +3 for Community Chest, and +5 for any Railroad tile.

Monopoly Go Road to Stardom rewards

According to the Monopoly Go Wiki, here are all the rewards you can rack up as you roll.

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
125Sticker Pack
24020 Dice Rolls
412575 Dice Rolls
650Sticker Pack
7605 minute Cash Boost
8350200 Dice Rolls
1090Sticker Pack
12800400 Dice Rolls
13125Sticker Pack
1525010 minute Sticker Boom
161,200600 Dice Rolls
18200Pink Sticker Pack
202,000800 Dice Rolls
2135010 minute High Roller
23400130 Dice Rolls
243,0001,200 Dice Rolls
25500Sticker Pack
26600Sticker Pack
2780020 minute Sticker Boom
284,5001800 Dice Rolls
291,00010 minute Cash Boost
311,600Sticker Pack
337,000Sticker Pack
356,5002,000 Dice Rolls
379,0003,000 Dice Rolls
382,500Sticker Pack
395,000Sticker Pack
4116,0006,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

Monopoly Go Road to Stardom is scheduled to last two days, concluding on March 30, 2024.

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