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How to get gold stickers in Monopoly Go

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Monopoly Go is the mobile version of the classic board game, Monopoly. It is free-to-play and available to download on iPhone and Android devices. As you play, you will collect various stickers along the way. The rarest stickers in Monopoly Go are gold, so you’ll definitely want to add them to your collection.

To complete a sticker set, you need to collect 9 unique stickers for that particular page. When a new season begins, you’ll get fresh album sets to complete. You can view your sticker collection by clicking on the “Album” option towards the bottom right of your screen.

How to get gold stickers in Monopoly Go

Just like any other sticker, gold stickers are obtained through opening packs. Although gold stickers are extremely rare, you can increase your chances of getting your hands on them by participating in limited-time events and ranking top 3 in tournaments.

Limited-time events hand you several tasks and you get points for completing them. If you rack up enough points, you can pick up sticker packs and other goodies along the way. The more sticker packs you can get, the more chance you’ve got at pulling a gold sticker. Frustratingly, after all that work, there is a chance that you can get a duplicate gold sticker, not the one you want.

Of course, taking on limited-time tasks and placing top 3 in tournaments doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a gold sticker, but the probability will be higher.

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It’s worth noting that you can’t trade golden stickers with your friends, so you have to be lucky enough to get them yourself.

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