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Clash Royale Easter Crown Chase rewards and schedule

Clash Royale Easter Crown Chase rewards

With Easter just around the corner, Clash Royale is celebrating with a Crown Chase event. There are nine rewards up for grabs, with some being more useful than others.

As the name suggests, this event requires you to rack up Crowns to earn a whole host of items. Crowns are earned by destroying enemy towers in battle and of course, you’ll earn the most Crowns for winning a game.

All Clash Royale Easter Crown Chase rewards

Here are all the rewards available to earn and how many Crowns are needed to hit each one:

  • 5,000 Coins (3 Crowns)
  • 100 Common Cards (5 Crowns)
  • Emote (10 Crowns)
  • 1 Common Trade Token (15 Crowns)
  • 15 Cannoneer Cards (25 Crowns)
  • 1 Barbarian Evolution Shard (50 Crowns)
  • Emote (75 Crowns)
  • 20 Rare Cards (100 Crowns)
  • 2 Barbarian Evolution Shards (125 Crowns)

Once you’ve reached the amount of Crowns needed to unlock a reward, you can claim it for free by simply tapping on the item via the Easter Crown Chase screen. It’s worth noting that the second emote asks you to hand over 50 gems in order to progress through the rewards.

Your progress can be tracked via the event screen and how close you are to the next reward appears under the “battle” button which is used to find a match.

Clash Royale Easter Crown Chase rewards roster

The first few goodies should be a breeze to get through, that’s if you’re stealing at least some Crowns from your opponents. The latter portion of the event requires you to play more matches and focus on that all-important match victory.

Notably, the Clash Royale Easter Crown Chase is a limited-time event, concluding on April 1, 2024. Therefore, you don’t have long to work your way through the tiers before they expire.

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