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Monopoly Go Easter Cupcake Craze event rewards

monopoly go easter cupcake craze rewards

Monopoly Go has launched an Easter Cupcake Craze, alongside the first digging event of the Making Music album.

To earn points, you must land on corner tiles which are Go, Visiting Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. There are +4 points up for grabs at the relevant tiles, with that number increasing depending on the multiplier you roll on.

Monopoly Go Easter Cupcake Craze rewards

With help from the Monopoly Go Wiki, each reward, as well as how many points are needed to hit each milestone can be found below.

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
153 Pickaxe Tokens
21010 Dice Rolls
310Sticker Pack
4204 Pickaxe Tokens
565100 Dice Rolls
6155 Pickaxe Tokens
820Sticker Pack
9256 Pickaxe Tokens
10180225 Dice Rolls
112510 minute Cash Grab
1230Sticker Pack
13357 Pickaxe Tokens
15350425 Dice Rolls
16458 Pickaxe Tokens
1765Sticker Pack
18100120 Dice Rolls
197010 Pickaxe Tokens
20700800 Dice Rolls
2210012 Pickaxe Tokens
23110Sticker Pack
251,1001,200 Dice Rolls
2613014 Pickaxe Tokens
2714010 minute Cash Boost
28150Sticker Pack
2916015 Pickaxe Tokens
31175180 Dice Rolls
3225020 Pickaxe Tokens
33270Sticker Pack
352,0001,800 Dice Rolls
3640030 Pickaxe Tokens
37500Sticker Pack
38650500 Dice Rolls
403,0002,500 Dice Rolls
41900Sticker Pack
4280035 Pickaxe Tokens
441,200900x Dice Rolls
461,200Sticker Pack
471,40040 Pickaxe Tokens
496,0006,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

Monopoly Go Easter Cupcake Craze concludes on April 1, 2024.

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