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South Korean President congratulates T1 on their fourth LoL Worlds victory

south korean president congratulates t1 on LoL Worlds victory

LoL Worlds 2023 set more records than one. It became the most watched esports tournament of all time, with a peak viewer count of 5.5 million (excluding Chinese platforms.) In addition, T1 took home the championship and lifted the LoL Worlds trophy for the fourth time. The President of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, has released a statement on the historic victory.

The heart of the statement congratulates T1 players on their win and promises to continue supporting the South Korean video games industry.

South Korean President recognises T1’s LoL Worlds success

Translated from Korean to English by Ashley Kang, Korizon Esports Co-Founder, Journalist, and Content Creator, the full statement reads:

“Dear T1 players, I wholeheartedly congratulate your first World Championship in seven years, your fourth World Championship.

In Hangzhou Asian Games, for which esports was elected as an official sport for the first time, South Korea won four medals. In continuation of this success, [T1] has won Worlds and once again made South Korea renowned as the frontrunning country in esports.

Lee Sang-hyeok, Choi Woo-je, Moon Hyeon-jun, Lee Min-hyeong, Ryu Min-seok. The scenes of the five players united as a team brought great joy and moved the South Korean citizens as well as people across the globe.

The South Korean government will offer adamant support so the South Korea video game industry can be globally competitive and be a frontrunner in the industry internationally.

Once again, I congratulate T1 players for this championship.”

The statement was signed off and released by the President of South Korea on November 20, 2023.

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