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Monopoly Go Vacation Voyage event rewards

Monopoly Go Vacation Voyage event rewards

The latest Monopoly Go event is a Vacation Voyage and why not grab an ice cream along the way with the Partners questline?

To progress, you must land on Tax, Utility, and Chance squares. The higher the multiplayer you roll on, the greater the rewards when you hit the relevant tiles.

Monopoly Go Vacation Voyage rewards

According to the Monopoly Go Wiki, there are a total of 17,685 dice on the line, along with Partners Tokens to help you along the way.

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
15100 Partners Tokens
21030 Dice Rolls
445120 Partners Tokens
520Sticker Pack
62550 Dice Rolls
735120 Partners Tokens
8180180 Dice Rolls
935160 Partners Tokens
1040Sticker Pack
1145250 Partners Tokens
12350325 Dice Rolls
134525 minute Mega Heist
1460270 Partners Tokens
16650500 Dice Rolls
1775300 Partners Tokens
1885Sticker Pack
201,2001,000 Dice Rolls
21130400 Partners Tokens
2315010 minute High Roller
24350300 Dice Rolls
25220450 Partners Tokens
271,7001,400 Dice Rolls
28400500 Partners Tokens
29550Sticker Pack
30650700 Dice Rolls
31750600 Partners Tokens
322,0001,800 Dice Rolls
33800Sticker Pack
341,000700 Partners Tokens
362,7002,100 Dice Rolls
371,500Sticker Pack
381,600900 Partners Tokens
393,5002,800 Dice Rolls
401,20010 minute Cash Boost
421,5001,000 Partners Tokens
436,0006,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

Monopoly Go Vacation Voyage ends on July 13, 2024.

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