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Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout event rewards

monopoly go tycoon cookout event rewards

It’s the final stretch of the Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures digging event and players are being treated to a Tycoon Cookout.

In order to progress through the event, you must land on Community Chest, Chance, and Railroad tiles. As always, the larger the multiplier you roll on, the bigger the rewards.

Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout rewards

According to the Monopoly Go Wiki, there are a total of 17,630 dice up for grabs, along with plenty of other valuables.

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1103 Pickaxe Tokens
22530 Dice Rolls
41105 Pickaxe Tokens
550Sticker Pack
67550 Dice Rolls
71005 Pickaxe Tokens
8300150 Dice Rolls
9906 Pickaxe Tokens
10100Sticker Pack
12850350 Dice Rolls
1312525 minute Mega Heist
1415010 Pickaxe Tokens
15180Sticker Pack
161,600600 Dice Rolls
1720012 Pickaxe Tokens
18250Sticker Pack
202,750900 Dice Rolls
2132515 Pickaxe Tokens
23400Sticker Pack
241,100400 Dice Rolls
2555018 Pickaxe Tokens
26700Sticker Pack
274,0001,300 Dice Rolls
2895020 Pickaxe Tokens
291,150Sticker Pack
301,700650 Dice Rolls
311,90030 Pickaxe Tokens
324,8001,800 Dice Rolls
333,250Sticker Pack
341,60025 Pickaxe Tokens
366,5002,100 Dice Rolls
372,750Sticker Pack
384,00045 Pickaxe Tokens
408,7502,800 Dice Rolls
413,25010 minute Cash Boost
424,000Sticker Pack
4315,0006,500 Dice Rolls

The Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout will fizzle out on July 8, 2024.

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