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Monopoly Go Egg-Cellent Easter event rewards

Monopoly Go Egg-Cellent Easter

With Easter in full swing, there are plenty of themed events in Monopoly Go, with the latest titled Egg-Cellent Easter.

To earn points, you must land on egg tokens which are dotted around the board. There are a base number of +2 points up for grabs here, with that number increasing depending on the multiplier you roll on.

Monopoly Go Egg-Cellent Easter rewards

Thanks to @itsjakesm on X, we know all the rewards that are up for grabs and how many points are needed to hit each level.

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1310 Dice Rolls
2104 Pickaxe Tokens
310Sticker Pack
560100 Dice Rolls
6156 Pickaxe Tokens
82510 minute Cash Grab
9207 Pickaxe Tokens
10150225 Dice Rolls
1125Sticker Pack
12308 Pickaxe Tokens
144510 Pickaxe Tokens
15400500 Dice Rolls
164514 Pickaxe Tokens
1750Sticker Pack
196016 Pickaxe Tokens
20800850 Dice Rolls
2160Sticker Pack
226518 Pickaxe Tokens
237070 Dice Rolls
251,2001,100 Dice Rolls
269010 minute High Roller
2710020 Pickaxe Tokens
28115Sticker Pack
29140140 Dice Rolls
31200Sticker Pack
32250200 Dice Rolls
3330025 Pickaxe Tokens
351,6001,400 Dice Rolls
365005 minute Cash Boost
37550Sticker Pack
3980030 Pickaxe Tokens
402,5002,000 Dice Rolls
4190015 minute High Roller
431,00045 Pickaxe Tokens
441,100600 Dice Rolls
461,150650 Dice Rolls
471,200Sticker Pack
481,30065 Pickaxe Tokens
506,2006,000 Free Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

Monopoly Go Egg-Cellent Easter will wrap up on April 4, 2024.

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