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Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures digging event rewards

monopoly go anniversary treasures event rewards

As part of Monopoly Go’s first birthday celebrations, an Anniversary Treasures digging event has gone live. There are an array of rewards to earn for uncovering treasures from underneath squares of cake.

There are 20 levels to work through by using Pickaxe Tokens which you can rack up in various ways. Plenty of them are needed, considering how many treasures you have to find, combined with the number of blank blocks.

Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures rewards

Here are all the rewards you’ll pick up as you dig your way through the Anniversary Treasures.

150 Dice Rolls
3100 Dice Rolls
4Cash, 200 Dice Rolls, and Sticker Pack (2-star)
6200 Dice Rolls
8300 Dice Rolls
9Cash, 400 Dice Rolls, and 5 Pickaxe Tokens
10Sticker Pack (3-star)
11250 Dice Rolls
12Anniversary Elegance Shield Skin
13350 Dice Rolls
14Sticker Pack (4-star)
15400 Dice Rolls
16Tiara Board Token
1715 Pickaxe Tokens
18500 Dice Rolls
20Cash, 2,500 Dice Rolls, and Wild Sticker

The best way to earn the Pickaxe Tokens you need to progress through the event is by completing daily challenges and rolling through 1st anniversary events.

The Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures party wraps up on April 20, 2024. There’s plenty of time to make it to that Wild Sticker that so many players want.

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