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Thronefall patch notes nerf Molepeople and balance wave difficulty

thronefall patch notes February 5 molepeople nerf

Thronefall is celebrating six months since Kings and Queens first began defending their kingdoms. A new set of patch notes are now live in Thronefall and many fan-requested changes have been made.

The Thronefall update focuses on balancing the battlefield and deploying some much needed nerfs to the Molepeople.

Thronefall patch notes (February 5)


We heard your feedback that the molepeople are a bit too strong and circumvent your defences too easily at the moment so we are attempting the following changes:

– Molepeople now have a maximum tunneling distance. (They can no longer tunnel across the entire map at once.)

– Tunneling from one place to another will now take a short amount of time (no immediate teleportation anymore).

– The tunnelling ability cooldown from molepeople has been increased by +100% so they will tunnel only half as often.

– Molepeople can no longer attack while in their dig or tunnelling animation (but they can still be attacked)

– Their difficulty budget in Eternal Trials has been increased by +15% so when they appear in Eternal Trials, there will be less of them.

– Mole warriors deal -75% damage against the castle center (down from -50%) so they can’t “rush” you down as easily.

– Moleman is renamed to Mole Warrior and Moleman Archer is renamed to Mole Archer

– The splash damage dealt by the boss fight statues when tunneling is reduced by -50%.
Bonus Tip: Mole people take increased damage from towers (as stated by their tooltips in the pause screen).


While they seem okay in the Campaign, according to your feedback they can be quite difficult to deal with in the Eternal Trials so let’s simply try this:

– Difficulty budget for quickslings increased by +33% so when they appear in Eternal Trials, there will be less of them. (We’ll keep an eye on this and increase it even more if necessary.)

Bonus Tip: Quickslings deal reduced damage to buildings. Towers are therefore a good counter. Mills with the wind spirits upgrade are a great counter as well.


We are happy that all in all you seem to like the new level so besides the molepeople nerfs above we only made some small balancing changes to address your feedback:

– The difficulty of some waves has been reduced (a couple less enemies are spawned).

– Some waves towards the end of the level drop a bit more gold.

thronefall update nerf molepeople patch

That concludes the latest Thronefall update.

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