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An Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune remake could be in the works

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XboxEra’s Nick Baker and Jon Clarke revealed in a podcast that they were both shown evidence that the team behind the Uncharted series had been working on a remake of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, but they don’t know if this remake is still in production. Now, new information has come to light regarding the potential remake, and it comes directly from the game files.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune first launched all the way back in 2007 and ever since, Nathan Drake has become a staple in the gaming industry as players stepped into his shoes and embarked an action-adventure journey like no other.

Back to where it all started

According to dataminer Speclizer, “All the Uncharted 1 Remake rumours have stemmed from my research that I’ve shared privately, here’s the proof that Uncharted Remake was/is in the works. All datamined from a 2020 build of The Last of Us 2.

While searching through the game files of The Last of Us 2 with a fine toothcomb for many years, Speclizer found that there are “hundreds” of references to Uncharted 1. There’s evidence of a level definition referencing the plane crash scene in Uncharted 1, along with leftover developer task files labelled with Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group and “uc,” meaning Uncharted.

Although this leak is certainly interesting, it doesn’t confirm whether or not Uncharted 1 will propelled back into the spotlight, or if it’s a scrapped project. Naughty Dog has remastered some of their most iconic titles on PlayStation 5 and even gave them a PC port.

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An Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune remake would be welcomed by new and veteran Uncharted fans alike.

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