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‘Dwarf’ is now an official game category on Steam

dwarf official category on steam deep rock galactic

The success of titles such as Deep Rock Galactic have grown a loyal fan base due to fun co-op elements and an abundance of free content. Now, Dwarves from all walks of life have banded together to make ‘Dwarf’ an official game category on Steam and efforts certainly haven’t gone to waste.

It seems as if caves aren’t all Dwarves are good for as they’ve managed to make moves in the gaming industry.

Dwarves rally together to earn official game category status on Steam

In an open letter by Ghost Ship Games (the team behind Deep Rock Galactic) and Kitfox Games (the developers of Dwarf Fortress) they acknowledge that they’ve been kicking up a fuss about the lack of a Dwarf category on Steam.

In the studio’s words, “Our friends at Steam say dwarf is ‘not a tag’- similar to how elf, centaur, wizard etc aren’t tags. This is very legit and fair, but the difference is that dwarves are cooler and have a much more dedicated fanbase than any of those other mystical creatures.”

They then asked for fan’s help, “next time you see a dwarf game on Steam, go ahead and add the tag manually.” It appears that when dwarves unite, they’re powerful enough to be noticed, even by Steam.

dwarf official category on steam dwarf fortress

On February 1, Steam unveiled an official Dwarf category which is already packed with titles focused on the mythical creatures. The Dwarf sub-genre may now find more success than ever and it’s all thanks to the community.

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