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Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event rewards

monopoly go jungle jam event rewards

Monopoly Go constantly introduces players to limited-time events with a plethora of goodies tied to various milestones. The latest Monopoly Go event is known as Jungle Jam and here are all the rewards up for grabs.

This time, you earn points towards the event by landing on corner tiles. These are Go, Visiting Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. The higher multiplier you’re rolling on when you land on those particular tiles, the more points will be added to your progress bar.

Monopoly Go Jungle Jam rewards

Thanks to @itsjakesm on X, we know all the available rewards and how many points are needed to hit the 43 Jungle Jam milestones.

1510 Dice Rolls
315Sticker Pack
47075 Dice Rolls
620Sticker Pack
72510 minute Rent Frenzy
9180225 Dice Rolls
1140Sticker Pack
13300400 Dice Rolls and Sticker Pack
155010 minute Cash Grab
1770Sticker Pack
18700850 Dice Rolls
2080Sticker Pack
221,2001,400 Dice Rolls and Sticker Pack
2315015 minute High Roller
24140Sticker Pack
25175200 Dice Rolls
261,000300 Dice Rolls
27200Sticker Pack
28300250 Dice Rolls
301,8001,900 Dice Rolls
33800Sticker Pack
352,8002,600 Dice Rolls & 5 minute High Roller
361,000Sticker Pack
371,10025 minute Rent Frenzy
392,500Cash & 700 Dice Rolls
401,3001,000 Dice Rolls
411,400Sticker Pack
436,000Sticker Pack and 7,000 Dice Rolls

The Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event ends on Friday, November 3, 2023.

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