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How to get unlimited Tactical Sprint in MW3

how to get unlimited tactical sprint in mw3 endowment operator

In Modern Warfare 2019, the Call of Duty community were introduced to Tactical Sprint and slide cancelling. Ever since, it has been a key mechanic in both multiplayer and Warzone. In Modern Warfare 3, slide cancelling was tweaked, meaning it no longer resets after the slide cancel animation has ended. However, there is a way to get unlimited Tactical Sprint in MW3.

The slide cancel in the MW3 beta had a huge delay after performing the move. Players were quick to vent their frustrations at the change, arguing that it significantly slowed down the movement. As a result, the development team deployed some changes which reduced (rather than removed) the delay.

How to get unlimited Tactical Sprint in MW3

With some practice, you’ll be able to master this process of getting unlimited Tactical Sprint:

  • Add a Semtex to your loadout as your tactical equipment
  • Begin Tactical Sprinting
  • Just before your Tactical Sprint is about to run out, pull out your semtex
  • While continuing to move forward, immediately cancel the throw and put your Semtex away

By following the steps above, you’ll get unlimited Tactical Sprint by repeating the process as many times as you like.

how to get unlimited tactical sprint trick in modern warfare 3

At the time of writing, the method still works. Sledgehammer Games has been quick to deploy various updates and fixes, so it may be patched out eventually. However, the speed at which it could be removed depends on whether or not unlimited Tactical Sprint begins to run rampant in MW3 lobbies.

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