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Farm Machinery DLC for American Truck Simulator revealed

Official screenshot of the American Truck Simulator - Farm Machinery DLC

Just in time for the incoming Kansas map expansion, the Farm Machinery DLC has also been revealed to be coming soon to American Truck Simulator.

In fact, both DLCs will be launching on the same day—which is only fitting given that Kansas is big on agriculture.

Hitting the hay

The new DLC pack includes a variety of farming-related goodies, such as a selection of cabin accessories to decorate your ride with some country flair.

But, of course, there are also new farm-related cargo types that need hauling around. This includes machines both large and small like a sprayer, grain trailer, forage harvester, hay baler and more.

The various bits and bobs of the new DLC pack is shown off in this new reveal trailer:

There has been farming-related cargo types and accessories featured in the sim for quite some time now, but this is the most that it’s ever been leaned into.

With agriculture being Kansas’ main industry (which applies to a lot of the other states a part of the Great Plains,) this DLC will prove to be thematically-appropriate for quite some time to come.

Despite this being a farming pack for American Truck Simulator, John Deere, the largest maker of farming equipment in North America, is not yet truly represented in the sim, even with this DLC. That’s a shame, though who knows what sort of collaboration SCS could do in the future.

On that note, there’s now even a little more of an overlap between this simulator and the likes of Giants’ Software immensely popular Farming Simulator series; that’d arguably be an even more interesting pairing, should anything ever happen.

Both the Kansas expansion and Farm Machinery DLCs for American Truck Simulator will go live on November 30 over on Steam.

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