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The Crew Motorfest – Season 2 brings major gameplay changes

A screenshot of The Crew Motorfest on PC.

Season 2 of The Crew Motorfest is set to go live in just a matter of days. In the lead-up to its arrival, the dev team over at Ivory Tower has released some news about big quality of life changes that the update will introduce.

Highlights include the ability to toggle ghost drivers on/off, disable the Cara Assistant, as well as tweaks to the reward flow and vehicle parts management—just to name a few.

Community-driven adjustments

The arrival of the aforementioned changes is a result of community feedback, as Ivory Tower mentions in its announcement post. The team is clearly taking note of the “instrumental” user feedback via social media, and invites the continued discussion so more changes can be made over time.

Perhaps the most vocal complaint from the community is the proliferation of Replayers (Ghost Cars) while in Free Roam. The issue comes from these vehicles blending in with regular AI traffic; the player can phase through these Ghosts, but not the traffic cars. Thus, their elimination, while taking a bit of life out of the open-world, at least makes it easier to navigate around the map.

On a related note, the devs have opted not to disable traffic when a player is engaged in a Summit Feat. The reason given is that the team believes “the experience of our game is linked to its live aspect, and traffic is a part of it even if it can bring unpredictability.”

Forza Horizon 5 has a similar gameplay feature where players can participate in short challenges while free roaming, and yet has elected to disable traffic cars during these moments. Ivory Tower’s insistence here to keep it simply comes down to being a design choice, for better or worse.

A screenshot of The Crew Motorfest on PC.

As for part switching, players can now swap parts between vehicles of the same category. These parts are awarded after completing events and the reward system for that has also been updated. Now, players should have “a better understanding of the rewards you get after your activities,” in addition to the summary playing at a faster speed so you can get back to the action faster. A comparison to friends’ results will also now be visible.

Other changes coming in Season 2 include updates to livery reporting, minor changes to the loot experience, PVP improvements, and cracking down on the use of macros/cheating. All the details can be found on the official website for The Crew Motorfest.

Season 2 of The Crew Motorfest will go live on December 6.

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