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Monopoly Go Campfire Chronicles rewards and schedule

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Monopoly Go is constantly running limited time events, giving players opportunities to grab free rewards. Some events see you battle it out against others for a top spot on the leaderboard, while others encourage you to work with your friends towards a certain goal. The Campfire Chronicles is the latest event to go live in Monopoly Go and here are all the details.

By participating in the Campfire Chronicles, you’ll be progressing milestones. As you complete a milestone, the requirements for the next milestone will increase. You can track how far you are away from the next milestone by viewing the progress bar towards the top of your screen.

Monopoly Go Campfire Chronicles event

There are currently 8 campfire icons scattered around the Monopoly Go board. Landing on them will increase your progress bar towards certain rewards. The higher the multiplier you roll with, the more points you’ll earn when landing on the campfires. The rate at which you land on these icons is completely random, so you’ll have to hope that luck is on your side.

There are various rewards up for grabs, including free dice, packs, and a whole lot of cash. However, the big reward is a whopping 6,000 dice and a blue sticker pack, containing a minimum of 1 gold card that’s worth 4 stars. To get there, you’ll have to complete as many Campfire Chronicles milestones as possible.

campfire chronicles monopoly board

Monopoly Go Campfire Chronicles ends on October 10, so it’s time to get rolling before time runs out.

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