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Nintendo Switch Sports gets basketball update tomorrow

nintendo switch sports basketball update

Keeping up with the sporting tradition, Nintendo Switch Sports launched in April of 2022. Ever since, Nintendo has promised that it’ll be supported with more sports, keeping the competition at an all-time high. The next sport to join the Nintendo Switch Sports catalogue see basketball thrown into the mix with the July 9 update.

Nintendo Switch Sports is reminiscent of the original Wii Sports days. The basketball update was announced during the Nintendo Direct in June as a free content drop. It will bring plenty of basketball themed modes for you to shoot for the stars and set brand new records.

Shoot your shot

The basketball update will provide many ways for you to dunk on your opponents. Use motion controls in 2v2 matches to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the other squad, whether you play online or against AI.

Also, there are pre-point solo challenges, tasking you with getting as many balls in the hoop as you can within a time limit. This is similar to the solo basketball mode which appeared on Wii Sports Resort.

If you want friendlier competition, take on up to four players in a Five-Streak Battle or Three-Point Contest. As is the case with other modes, the player who scores the most points will claim victory.

switch sports basketball update Five-Streak Battle mode

There’s no doubt that basketball will be a popular addition to Nintendo Switch Sports. It will provide a new pace of play compared to bowling, football, tennis, and other sports that feature in the title. As the rumour mill continues surrounding the Nintendo Switch successor, who knows if there will be a sequel to Switch Sports when the new console hits stores.

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