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F1 24 launches its handling update and more changes

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It’s the moment F1 24 fans have been waiting for, the very first post-launch update and you can view the full patch notes, below.

When you hit the tracks after installing the update, expect to feel a more realistic grip and turning. Plenty of bug fixes have also been made, along with visual improvements.

F1 24 patch notes (June 7)

Handling Advancements

Following continued conversation with drivers of all levels, the team are pleased to share the following gameplay adjustments based on feedback received:

  • Fixed tyre model response to rapidly changing slip angle/ratio
  • Adjusted slip curves for post-peak falloff, load sensitivity, and camber effects to work with the slip response fix
  • Tyre thermal model adjustments for high-temperature behaviour
  • ABS, Traction Control, and gamepad controls tuned to suit the new tyre model
  • Improved power unit balance in 7th and 8th gear
  • Gear ratios matched to 2024 race data
  • Revised suspension kinematics to reflect 2024 car designs
  • Performance of several teams adjusted to fit results and changes seen in the 2024 season up to and including the Monaco GP
  • ERS bug fix for MGU-K torque and new calibration of Hotlap mode energy use at all tracks

“We’ve made significant updates to our physics tech this year to set us up for long-term advancements in handling. As with any new system, we will continue to refine it by listening to our community, with further refinements throughout live service and beyond.’

“The changes set out to calm down the front end of the car giving a more realistic level of grip and turn-in capabilities. We’ve also made adjustments that will aid in the controllability of the car on throttle. These changes will be more prevalent for players using a wheel and without assists.”

Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director

In addition, AI/CPU-controlled racers have been re-tuned to accommodate for the handling changes made. Whilst you will notice more unpredictability from the AI when playing in Career mode, future patches will include further advancements to how the AI behave with one another throughout race weekends.

Here’s a list of everything else that’s been addressed in this latest patch:


  • All leaderboards for F1 2024 cars have been wiped to coincide with handling update
  • Trophies can now be added to the Trophy Cabinet
  • Fixed an issue where the “”Strong Relations”” Achievement/Trophy would not unlock in certain circumstances
  • ERS Battery will no longer drain after the per-lap usage limit has been reached
  • Added the ability to tab directly between Goal Vendors in F1 World
  • Refined the F1 World Upgrade Card Mods and Goals


  • AI in Career modes are now more likely to have component faults and failures during a race
  • Fixed Two Player Career from sometimes skipping or getting stuck during Contract Negotiations
  • Fixed an instance in Two Player career where both players restarting their game could cause a desync
  • Fixed a rare instance in Two Player Career which could result in the wrong driver name being added
  • After retiring from a race on the first lap the player’s Pace statistic will no longer increase
  • Fixed a rare issue where Specialists could incorrectly become unavailable in Driver Career
  • When comparing drivers in between later seasons in Career, all drivers will be in their correct teams
  • Improved the Agent Introduction Cinematic


  • Improved Ray Tracing reflection quality
  • Prevented dynamic objectives from sometimes having a deadline beyond the final lap of the race
  • When a dynamic objective is given the MFD will now automatically open to the relevant page if available
  • The Copy Livery screen now shows the correct colours
  • Accessing the Casual Wear store from within a Driver Career will now always show a correctly modelled custom driver
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where the player could flashback after Terminal Damage and all sectors of the track would appear red
  • Visual improvements to some F1 24 & F2 23 vehicles
  • More Carbon Fibre particles have been added during collisions in Replays
  • Replay Camera improvements at several tracks
  • Cinematic Safety Car Camera improvements at several tracks


  • Fixed an issue with Race Engineer pitstop lines in various languages
  • Commentators will no longer sometimes be silent after a race in some languages
  • Removed some incorrect Engineer Audio which could play during a Cinematic Safety Car


  • Added a fix to ensure that F1 World ability mods last the correct duration for players with a poor connection in multiplayer races
  • Yellow Flags are now visible for retired Spectators

Handling (Other)

  • The marginal increase in speed when partially driving on the grass has been eradicated
  • A fix has been made to prevent extreme overheating of the tyres in certain conditions


  • UDP Options have now been capped at 60Hz. Anyone who previously had this set higher will need to set it back to 60Hz
  • Support added for the Asetek Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Some extra Casual Wear Customisation items have been added
  • Various UI improvements in many areas of the game have been made
  • General stability improvements
  • Various minor fixes
f1 24 patch notes

The update is available now on all platforms.

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