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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 confirmed to be on Game Pass

call of duty black ops 6 game pass

The Xbox Showcase 2024 is underway and to kick off the action, a new Black Ops 6 trailer was show. Xbox head, Phil Spencer, then took to the stage to confirm the Game Pass status of Black Ops 6.

Spencer confirmed that Black Ops 6 will be the first Call of Duty to ever appear on Game Pass. Even better yet, it will be added to Game Pass on day one.

It’s expected that Game Pass will bring more players than ever to Call of Duty and will hopefully pave the way for more games in the series to join the Xbox subscription service.

Recent speculation pointed towards a new Game Pass tier, or perhaps a price rise to accommodate the arrival of Black Ops 6. Spencer didn’t touch on this and any plans of the sort haven’t been confirmed.

Breaking tradition

Historically, Call of Duty betas have gone live on PlayStation, first and owners of Sony’s console also get access to rewards exclusive to the platform. However, Spencer said that the Black Ops 6 beta, content, and updates will be available to everyone at the same time, no matter what platform you play on.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will fully launch on October 25, 2024. There will be a Call of Duty Direct, right after the Xbox Games Showcase. Fans can expect to hear from Treyarch, the studio leading the upcoming entry, as well as Raven Software.

black ops 6 game pass day one

A Call of Duty Next event is scheduled to take place on August 28, 2024. Here, there will be a full multiplayer reveal, including details on what we can expect from the next era of Warzone. Perhaps we will get more intel on what’s to come in Warzone Mobile, too.

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