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Discord will reportedly begin showing ads to users

Discord will begin showing ads report

Discord is the go-to platform for gamers to interact and hop in a voice chat while playing with friends. However, sooner rather than later, you may begin seeing ads while using the Discord app, something the company has historically been opposed to.

Today, many platforms use ads and Discord is set to join the list. The likes of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ have started showing ads as part of their tiered subscription options.

Wave goodbye to an ad-free Discord experience

When can we expect ads to pop up on Discord? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, Discord is planning to begin displaying ads “in the coming week.” These adverts are expected to be personalised based on location, age, and gameplay.

Although Discord is free to use, it does have a Nitro subscription which offers users extra benefits, as well as a store containing Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects locked behind a price tag. By turning towards ads, this is yet another way for the platform to boost their profits.

The news may come as a surprise to many, especially since Discord’s CEO, Jason Citron has publicly expressed that he is against using advertisements on the chat service.

In an interview with NPR back in 2021, Citron was asked why the absence of ads is important to Discord. In response, he explained “we believe that people’s data is their data and that people should feel comfortable and safe to have conversations and that their data is not going to be used against them in any way that is is improper.”

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Although it appears the landscape of Discord is changing, the roll out of ads hasn’t yet been confirmed by Discord themselves. Until there’s an official announcement, there’s no way of telling exactly what is planned.

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