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The Crew Motorfest speeds to Steam in April

Screenshot of The Crew Motorfest on PC.

Several months since its initial release on PC and consoles, The Crew Motorfest is shooting its onto a new storefront, Steam.

As has been the case for most Ubisoft PC releases, it’s opted to release first on its own storefront, the Ubisoft Store, before bringing it over to the much more popular Steam. Thus, players who’ve held out will now have their patience rewarded in just a matter of weeks.

The island of O’ahu awaits

Set on the “Big Island” of O’ahu in Hawaii, The Crew Motorfest invites players to race and compete across a variety of different driving disciplines in a dynamic open-world. In addition to there being a variety of land vehicles, there are also activities that’ll have you piloting race boats and aircraft.

The Crew Motorfest features hundreds of vehicles from different manufactures, along with a similarly overwhelming number of customisation options to give most of your rides a bit of personal flare.

There’s a strong focus on online multiplayer, with various Live Events always taking place, along with the Main Stage which is a slew of activities that pit players from across the globe against each other to compete in.

Screenshot of The Crew Motorfest on PC release on Steam

From head-to-head races, to drift events, stunt challenges, and more, The Crew Motorfest is quite heavy on content variety. The game has changed a bit since its initial release in Fall 2023, with various patches having been released since then providing quality-of-life updates and tweaks to the gameplay experience as a result of player feedback.

Much like its (still ongoing, but soon-to-be-sunsetting) predecessor, The Crew 2, Ubisoft’s Ivory Tower team is set to be supporting The Crew Motorfest with more of such updates and content drops for several years to come.

Steam selections

Keeping parity with the other versions, the Steam release of The Crew Motorfest includes the choice of four SKUs: the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Of course, they’re priced according to their offerings.

The Crew Motorfest Steam editions and prices
Prices for the PC version in USD; via the Ubisoft Store.

Though the game is only available for wishlisting on Steam at the time of writing, the regular prices are still easily viewable via the Ubisoft Store: $69.99, $79.99, $99.99 and $119.99, respectively.

Considering the steep asking price for all of the editions, it shouldn’t be too long for more budget-conscious players to really be able to dive in by means one of Steam’s various seasonal sales. The game went on sale shortly after launch, so the Steam release should function no differently despite it being released long after the fact.

Screenshot of The Crew Motorfest plane on PC.

Better late than never

When The Crew Motorfest first launched, we gave it a 7.5/10 review score, saying in part:

“All things considered, there’s a lot to like here, but also just as much—if not a bit more so—to be confused by and perhaps even upset about. I want to say this game is what the series needed, but just like its predecessor, I’m left currently waiting for what it could be down the road rather than happily accepting all that it is now.”

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