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Sim Update 15 for Microsoft Flight Simulator gets delayed

Screenshot of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC.

Just a day prior to its expected release, Sim Update 15 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been hit with an unfortunate delay into April.

The news was broken via the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums, where the Senior Community Manager has stated the update was moved “after careful consideration” to a yet-to-be-determined day in April.

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Longtime fans of the sim will know that this move from Asobo is not at all new. There’s arguably never been a totally smooth rollout of any of the prior Sim Updates; thus the current situation of SU15 is rather unsurprising.

With earlier releases, they often hit their target date, but were riddled with bugs which then required subsequent hotfixes getting released days and/or weeks later. This frequent occurrence made some early adopters wary of each new update.

Screenshot of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC.

Asobo ultimately made the decision in 2021 to abandon its former promise of monthly major updates for the sim, as to ensure that each release would be as functional as possible. Thus, Sim Update 15 is arriving several months after SU14, and yet, it’s now been delayed by perhaps another entire month. While the team hasn’t gone into exact specifics, the aforementioned forum post does at least point to feedback received from community beta testers as the reason for the change.

Simply put, major bugs have clearly been discovered which Asobo doesn’t want the greater community to have to deal with upon release. With that in mind, delaying the update by a few more weeks seems to be the right call.

When it does release, Sim Update 15 will contain various bug fixes, along with improvements made to game performance, reduced loading times, less stutters, and fixes to in game crashes. Various aircraft have also received minor touch-ups for optimisation improvements, and other fixes. The existing patch notes are over on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums.

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