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How to make tomato soup in Coral Island

coral island tomato soup

Coral Island has a range of delicious recipes you can make with your home grown goods. If you’re just getting started, tomato soup is a fantastic dish to cook up. We’ve got the rundown on how to make a hearty tomato soup the next time you pay a visit to Coral Island.

There are multiple cooking utensils and over 100 recipes, so knowing what you need isn’t always easy. Let’s get straight to all the details you need to know about making a delicious tomato soup.

How to make tomato soup in Coral Island

First of all, you must upgrade the farmhouse to unlock the kitchen and the ability to cook. A pot can then be purchased from the electric shop in town. In order to get tomatoes, you must grow them in your farm. Once you reach Town Rank E, tomato seeds will unlock at Sam’s General store.

Tomato seeds can be planted in the summer and take 10 in-game days to grow and a further 4 days between harvests.

To make tomato soup, hit the kitchen and combine a single tomato with a pot and you’ll make tomato soup. Consuming this dish will restore 70 hearts and 80 energy, with the buff being 10% farming proficiency. The buff will last for a base amount of two hours, with that figure increasing depending on the type of star the soup achieves.

coral island how to make tomato soup

There are many uses for tomato soup. In fact, it’s needed for the basic cooking offering at the altar. Additionally, it’s a versatile gifting option, with every character liking the dish apart from Nina. Luke and Mark in particular love tomato soup, so it’s the perfect gift if you want to build your friendship level with them.

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