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Does Warzone Mobile have bots?

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If you’ve been yearning to play Verdansk again, now is your chance. Warzone Mobile has brought back the map fans know and love, along with Rebirth Island, a Day Zero limited-time launch event, and even cross-progression. Multiplayer is important and the idea of fighting against others to take the Warzone victory makes for a more exhilarating experience. Some multiplayer games bulk out their lobbies with bots, but does Warzone Mobile follow suit?

In the past, AI bots have featured in Warzone, particularly at strongholds. Players have also suspected that bots have been used to fill lobbies, but there’s no confirmation of this from Activision. Now it’s possible to play Warzone on-the-go without crossplay being a feature, you may be wondering how the lobbies get populated.

Are there bots in Warzone Mobile?

At the beginning of your Warzone Mobile experience, you will battle it out against bots. This applies to the tutorial segments and during placement training matches. However, this is the only time you’ll encounter bots and once you’ve made it through the preliminary parts of the game, you’ll be put in lobbies full of real players.

If the player count significantly drops, we may see AI bots fill the shoes of human players. That’s looking unlikely, as approximately 50 million players had pre-registered before the game even launched.

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Now you’re assured that you’re facing off against real players in Warzone Mobile, the trash talk can resume going into future matches.

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