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Helldivers 2 updates players on server status as mechs destroy them

helldivers 2 server status following mechs update

Helldivers 2 had a hell of a launch (no pun intended,) with so many PC and PlayStation users flocking to the game that it caused the servers to be overwhelmed. After a short period of stability, the Helldivers 2 servers are now getting crushed by mechs.

The introduction if mechs wasn’t as simple as just adding them to the game. The developers sent out an alert to all fighters that mech production factories were under attack on Tien Kwan. With the beginning of this Major Order, members of the Helldivers immediately turned their attention to free the mechs.

When hundreds of thousands of players banded together to work towards this objective, progress towards unleashing the mechs moved along much quicker than anticipated.

Helldivers 2 players reassured that a server fix is on the way

Arrowhead CEO, Johan Pilestedt took to X to update fellow freedom fighters on the server status of Helldivers 2.

“With the successful push from the community to take Tien Kwan and the subsequent enabling of the mechs our servers have a hard time coping, the team is aware and doing what they can to mitigate.”

The problem is caused by eager players “trying to acquire the mech at the same time.” The servers will be restored “eventually” and the team ask for patience while they work to get the issue resolved.

Pilestedt signs off by expressing that he’s “impressed by the combined power and dedication of the community” and players liberated Tien Kwan “4x faster than we thought.”

If you’re yet to see what the mechs are really capable of, you may have to wait until the servers are back up and running, or hope you get lucky and manage to squeeze into a lobby.

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