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All Deep Rock Galactic hidden achievements

deep rock galactic all hidden achievements

If fighting bugs and mining in dangerous caves on various hazard levels wasn’t difficult enough, Deep Rock Galactic has a set of hidden achievements waiting to be completed.

There are a total of 67 achievements in Deep Rock Galactic and if you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll want to know what the hidden ones entail.

Deep Rock Galactic hidden achievements

There’s 22 Hidden Achievements in DRG, all with their own unique set of requirements to earn them:

  • Advanced Robotics – Purchase a Mod in every tier for Bosco
  • Barrel Kicker – Kick 10 barrels into the hoop without missing once
  • Big Spender –  Pay for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar
  • Bosco, You’re The Best – Complete 100 solo missions
  • Darwin Award – Sacrifice yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated
  • Designated Decoy – Take the most damage from a dreadnought out of your entire team
  • Disc Jockey – Play 25 songs on the Jukebox
  • Exploring My Options – Unlock a new primary and secondary weapon for the same character
  • Foreign Objects In The Launch Bay – Kick every barrel into the Launch Bay
  • Happy Feet – Spend an hour or more dancing
  • Hit ’em Where It Hurts – Score 1000 weakpoint hits
  • I Like It Down Here – Stay in a mission for an hour or longer
  • It’s My Party – Host and successfully complete 50 team missions
  • Lone Wolf – Complete 10 solo missions
  • Party Time – Have a full team salute at the same time while dancing
  • Self Control – Successfully play 10 consecutive missions without kicking a single barrel on the Space Rig
  • State Of The Art – Purchase a Mod in every tier for one of each upgradable item in the Equipment Terminal for the same character
  • That’s Not How You Play This Game – Throw a beer mug into the barrel hoop
  • The A-Team – Put a barrel in every seat in the Drop Pod
  • Time Well Spent – Put every single barrel on the Space Rig into the Drop Pod
  • What Are These Things? – Deposit five Error Cubes
  • Without A Paddle – Be the last dwarf standing, with no primary or secondary ammo left, when a Dreadnought spawns
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While some challenges are fairly quick and easy to complete, others are more on the difficult side. You may need to rally some friends to help you out, or be prepared to give the harder requirements multiple attempts.

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