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When is Safer Seas coming to Sea of Thieves?

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It’s dangerous being a pirate. When you’re out at sea exploring various islands, there are many threats that will attempt to stop you in your tracks. Included, are other pirates who may try and steal all your treasure and put your hard work to waste. That’s where a Safer Seas mode comes in, providing a more peaceful Sea of Thieves experience.

Season Ten launched back in October and the development team revealed that during the season, players will get access to the highly requested Safer Seas mode.

When will pirates be able to take to the Safer Seas in Sea of Thieves?

In a Sea of Thieves FAQ specifically about the upcoming Safer Seas mode, Associate Design Director, Shelley Preston says that “Safer Seas is due to arrive in December.” However, no specific release date has been given, but an announcement shouldn’t be too far away.

When the Safer Seas mode makes its debut, it will work differently from regular Sea of Thieves experiences fans are used to. Although your pirate is shared between Safer Seas and High Seas, there’s less risk present from other pirates, so you’ll earn Gold and Reputation at 30% of the rate that you would in High Seas.

In addition, there are certain treasures you will not be able to find in Safer Seas and you can’t become a Pirate Legend or access any Pirate Legend content in Safer Seas.

When is Safer Seas coming to Sea of Thieves

We’ll update this article when a release date is assigned to Safer Seas, so make sure to check back for the latest details.

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