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Microsoft is hitting Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X with a price rise

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Just like so many other products and services around the world, Microsoft will soon be increasing the prices of Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, the Xbox Series X will see a price rise in most markets—aside from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Japan and the United States.

The price climb for Xbox Game Pass will go into effect very soon, starting July 6, 2023 for new customers.

The price rise – Xbox Game Pass

The news of this increase comes from a report conducted by The Verge, which obtained a statement from Kari Perez, the Head of Communications for Xbox. Perez acknowledged that while Microsoft has maintained the prices of its consoles and services “for many years,” the company made this decision by acknowledging the need to “have adjusted the prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market.”

Xbox Game Pass will move up to USD $10.99 per month for the base tier, an increase by one dollar. As for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that will see a price increase to $16.99 (previously $14.9.9,) while Game Pass for Console will move up to $10.99 (previously $9.99.) PC Game Pass players will not see a price increase to their services for the time being.

As mentioned earlier, new customers will begin paying these new prices in only a matter of days. Existing customers, however, will have a longer period as these new prices will go into effect on August 13. German customers have an even longer time to prepare, as it will hit on September 13 for that market. All customers with a yearly plan will pay the new price whenever their current subscription is due for renewal.

Xbox Wrapper Logo price rise for Series X and game pass

On the hardware side of things, the Xbox Series X will move up to £479.99 over in the UK and €549.99 “across most European markets,” according to the report from The Verge. As for customers in Canada, they’ll now be paying CAD $649.99 to get the system and Australian customers will be hit the hardest with an increase to AUD $799.99.

Thankfully, more budget-conscious consumers will still be able to fall back on the Xbox Series S, as this console will remain the same price. It will now be available in two SKUs, as revealed at the June 2023 Xbox Games Showcase a few weeks ago. The new SKU arriving in September, paints the system in all-black like the Series X and bumps up the storage to 1TB, all for USD $349.99.

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