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Cities Skylines II raises skyward on October 24

Cities Skylines II launch date Key art

Get ready to raise the cranes and prep the concrete mixers as Cities Skylines II is set to launch on October 24.

The sequel to the near decade-old and coveted Cities Skylines features crisp new visuals, more building tools and limitations that only go as far as the user’s engineering imagination.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It”

As the tag line to the new city builder, the devs describe Cities Skylines II as being “the most realistic city builder ever.” Sporting “deep simulation” and “a living economy”, Cities Skylines II is set to offer a rich, diverse experience than seeks to push the genre to new heights.

Some of the new features include fresh road tools for building intricate street networks, advanced traffic AI for more realistic behaviour and a revamped public and cargo transportation system, just to name a few. Builders will be able to take a small town and raise the roof (literally) as they gradually expand their settlement into a thriving metropolis.

Developer Colossal Order has been working hard to craft this new experience and it will only be a matter of months before its devoted fan base will get to jump into the depths of Cities Skylines II.

Cities Skylines II will come in two editions at launch: the Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition.

As for the Standard edition, that will cost a mere $49.99 USD. For those that pre-order, they will receive the Landmark Buildings and Tampere Map Pack.

The Ultimate Edition goes for a heftier $89.99 and includes the pre-order bonus for those that grab it, along with the Expansion Pass which contains the San Francisco Set, the Assets Pack and Radio Station (coming later in 2023,) the Content Creator Pack and Radio Station (Q1 2024) and an unnamed Expansion and Radio Station (Q2 2024).

Cities Skylines II is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-orders now live.

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