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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gets new enemies

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League update new enemies and mission

Ahead of the launch of Episode 2 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, new enemies and a fresh mission has rolled out in today’s update as another way to freshen up the battlefield.

The game itself started off on the wrong foot and this content is unlikely to bring players running back. However, there’s now something else for the existing community to get stuck into.

Prepare for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Episode 2

Changes in this release

Here’s all the new content that has gone live with this update, pulled straight from the patch notes.

  • New Green Lantern Infused Enemies
    • These tricky new enemies are able to summon Green Lantern Constructs, turning up the pressure on the Squad. Green Lantern Infused enemies are immune to all direct damage until their Constructs have been destroyed, meaning you’ll need your target prioritisation game to be on point when tackling them.
  • Added a New Mission – ‘Out of Orbit’
    • Brainiac is phasing in Corrupted Justice League Watchtowers to locate his next target. By leaving these Corrupted Watchtowers partially phased in, they are invulnerable to attacks from the Squad, which is where Hack comes in to lock them down and allow Task Force X to get to work.

      Brainiac’s forces will be assaulting Metropolis from two dimensions at once. Enemies in another dimension cannot be harmed, but will still disrupt your ability to destroy the Corrupted Watchtower. That means your Squad will be switching between dimensions to take out Brainiac’s forces, lock down all the Control Points, and ultimately destroy the Corrupted Watchtower!

      The Watchtower has its own defences to contend with, making this a challenging but incredibly fun new way to bring the fight to Brainiac.
  • Added a New Enemy Type – ‘Promotinaut’
    • Scientific progress never stops in Colu, and in Episode 2 Brainiac’s R&D division will begin rolling out a new type of Terminaut to contend with. The Promotinaut is a support enemy that can promote enemies to their next, more powerful level of mutation. Any Grunt enemy becomes a Bomber, and Bombers are promoted to the terrifying Destroyer.
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League update new enemies and mission

Apart from new enemies and a mission, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has received a whole host of bug fixes which you can view, here.

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