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Larian provides an update on delayed Baldur’s Gate 3 Deluxe Editions

Baldur's Gate 3 physical deluxe edition delay on xbox and playstation console

If you want to show your dedication to Baldur’s Gate 3, or you simply prefer physical discs, you might’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition of 2023’s Game of the Year. Due to some obstacles in production, there’s yet another delay to shipping.

Just last week, the studio behind the multi-award winning title informed players that Xbox and PlayStation users would have a longer wait ahead of them before getting to unbox their physical editions. With problems persisting, the developers have provided yet another update on the situation.

Baldur’s Gate 3 physical Deluxe Edition delays continue

With some fans in EU and Oceania regions receiving their physical copies, Larian are still “at the mercy of production issues for those waiting on their North America PS5 and Xbox copies.”

The team were hoping that there would be no more delays, but many are still left waiting for their order to arrive. Larian assure the community that “we are working closely with our partners to ensure those who have pre-ordered the PS5 US version should begin to see their copies shipped later this month, and Xbox versions within the next two weeks.”

The issue is blamed on “changes in the scope and manufacturing of the physical copies,” causing hiccups along the production process.

baldur's gate 3 physical deluxe edition shipping delay and contents

Apart from receiving a physical copy of the game on disc, there’s plenty of other Baldur’s Gate 3 goodies included in the physical Deluxe Edition. This includes a poster, stickers, patches, a game map, the original game soundtrack, and a game box. Even though it’s a physical version, all Digital Deluxe content features in this edition, too.

All PC orders have now been shipped, but we can expect further updates on physical Deluxe copies for console owners sooner, rather than later.

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