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How to kick players in Content Warning

how to kick players content warning

Do you want to be SpookTube famous? Doing so is better with other players. Venturing down to the Old World with friends or random players is all fun and games, unless someone is ruining the affair for everyone else. After persistent calls from the Content Warning fanbase to add a kick function, the developers have done just that.

There are many reasons why you may want to kick a player from your lobby. Perhaps a player is using mods that are hindering your experience, or a player without a microphone is decreasing the quality of your videos.

How to kick players from your Content Warning lobby

The host of the game is the only player that has the ability to kick others from the game. They have the freedom to kick whoever they want, whenever they want, without the need for a vote from the rest of the lobby.

As the host, when you pause the game, you will see a list of players that are currently in the lobby. A red ‘kick’ button will appear underneath each name which allows you to boot someone with a single click.

content warning kick function

The implementation of a kick feature is something that has been welcomed with open arms by the Content Warning community. It allows you to have more control over your game. Let’s hope that it’s used for the right purposes!

That’s all that rolled out in today’s update, but the devs state that they are working on implementing more hosting features in the future.

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