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RAID Shadow Legends codes (May 2024) Free Silver, XP Boosts, and more

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RAID Shadow Legends May 2024 promo codes grant you various goodies that can help you progress through the game. Below, you’ll find a full list of codes and how to redeem them in-game.

There are a plethora of items for you to get your hands on including Silver, Brews, and a whole lot of XP. The best part is, the rewards are free to claim.

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes (May 2024)

The following codes are active at the time of writing:

  • RaidingReddit200k – Free rewards
  • RAIDCOMMUNITY – Free rewards
  • springhunt24 – Free Rewards
  • ILOVERAID 1 Preserver, 1 day XP boost, 5 Brews, and 100k Silver 

New player codes

  • FIRESTARTER: Free rewards
  • SHADOWRAID: Free rewards
  • MIDGAME2023SEDUCER: Free rewards
  • MIDGAME23EXECUTIONER: Free rewards
  • MIDGAME23GISCARD: Free rewards
  • DASPIEL23Chonoru: Free rewards
  • POWERSTARTER: Energy, Talia and Silver
  • LADYQUIN: Lady Quilen and Silver (mobile only)
  • LUCKYRAID: Chonoru, 300,000 silver and a Chicken (new accounts only)
  • Mordecai: Mordecai (Android only)
  • Raid22ya2: 100k Silver and 10 of each Brew
  • SUPERPOWERS: Deacon Armstrong, Epic Book, 200k Silver, 24 Magic XP Brews (Plarium Play only)
  • GETUDK: Ultimate Deathknight, 20 Force XP Brews and 20 Greater Potions

To redeem your codes, open up the menu in RAID Shadow Legends by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your screen. Then, select “Gift Codes” and type the codes into the box that pops up on screen and you’ll then be prompted to claim your rewards.

RAID Shadow Legends codes boss fight

It’s best to claim your RAID Shadow Legends codes sooner rather than later as they’ll expire after some time.

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