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Pokemon Sleep warns players of “inappropriate conduct”

pokemon sleep snorlax inappropriate conduct announcement

Pokemon Sleep works as a sleep tracker which fans typically use at night, while researching Sleep Styles and gathering ingredients to feed Snorlax happens during the day. There’s no multiplayer capabilities and Pokemon Sleep isn’t competitive in nature, but it appears that doesn’t stop hackers from utilising cheats.

This is the first time Pokemon Sleep has issued a warning against cheaters and it’s not to be taken lightly as consequences have been outlined.

Who knew Pokemon Sleep had cheaters?

In an announcement on the Pokemon Sleep app and website, players are warned that the developers will be “strengthening [their] response to inappropriate conduct so players can play the game with full peace of mind.”

An example of this inappropriate conduct has been provided and it includes “using unauthorised tools or programs to conduct a considerable number of sleep research sessions.”

Since any form of third-party tools or cheats go against Pokemon Sleep’s terms of use, action may be taken against your account such as a suspension, if unauthorised tools are detected “in either past or future gameplay.”

pokemon sleep cheaters notice

The app already takes various measures to stop players farming Pokemon. The game is capped to recording two sleep sessions a day, and limited-time events give Trainers the chance to catch Legendary Pokemon and earn a plethora of extra bonuses.

It’s unknown how many cheaters are currently present in Pokemon Sleep and what steps they’re taking to exploit the game. Perhaps we’ll get a clearer picture if a further update is issued by The Pokemon Company in the future.

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