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Cities Skylines 2 patch makes land value improvements and optimisation fixes

Cities Skylines 2 patch notes today january 31

A new Cities Skylines 2 patch is live on PC, making various gameplay fixes and improvements.

The sim had a rocky start to say the least, with players experiencing an abundance of problems. This update aims to fix many issues, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Cities Skylines 2 patch notes (January 31)

Here are the full details of the latest update.


  • Fixed crash to desktop when selecting “moving in” household
  • Fixed crash to desktop when modifying road with pedestrian path connected in specific way
  • Fixed crash to desktop after modifying roads with citizen group at specific stat
  • Fixed velocity map not loaded properly when starting the game Paused
  • Fixed ResourceAvailabilitySystem causing some wrong data when loading the game
  • Fix for some industrial material taxes may randomly start charging money in the opposite way than it is set.
  • Fixed warehouses not levelling up
  • Fixed a potential error during saving process related to XP
  • Fixed an issue where building Extra Incinerator Furnace upgrade to Incinerator Plant would cause the Incinerator Plant to produce less electricity.
  • Fixed coverage of the City Services buildings exclusive for the pedestrians is not affecting part of the one-way roads
  • Fixed Maintenance vehicles getting stuck.
  • Fixed train & ship vehicle Selected Info Panel not labeled with correct destination name
  • Fixed building relocation incorrectly changing refund amount for bulldozing
  • Fixed objects with stacked parts (cranes, pillars) missing collision in some cases
  • More fixes for forgotten dogs
  • Fixed some photo/cinematic camera properties missing localization
  • Fixed One of Everything achievement requiring medieval castle
  • Fixed Wide Variety achievement
  • Improved parking space searching
  • Adjust the teens & children spawn rates to balance the lack of teens in education
  • Adjust the enter probability to allow more teens to enter high school
  • Cargo station pathfinding update to reduce traffic jams when accessing the buildings.
  • Forced no word wrap on tutorial page label to fix layout breaking in some tutorials on 2560×1440 resolution
  • Increased A Little Bit of TLC achievement increment step from 1 to 1000, and fixed achievement progress buffer only updating an achievement if the progress hits exactly a multiple of the increment step
  • Added more user-friendly message when account linking functions fail due to a network error
  • Added new translations (missing text, text fixes, translations).
  • Added support for overriding “switch user” action hint for platforms that do not support switching users (ie. Steam, Epic) with added support for Steam overlay

Statistics fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug in statistics panel whereby chart data was not updating properly when manipulating the time scale slider
  • Fixed bug where Water fees were shown incorrectly in Budget tab of Economy panel.
  • Fixed garbage and public transport fees not being recorded in statistics
  • Fixed age statistic not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed District Selected Info Panel showing incorrect amount of residents
  • Fixed incorrect amounts being shown for taxation estimates in Economy Panel
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the timescale caused some data to display incorrectly
  • Fixed incorrect money amount in 1st sample
  • Fixed mismatched position of samples in chart
  • Fixed incorrect progress amount in under-construction section
  • Statistics panel menu items remember their expanded state based on selected stats upon re-opening the statistics panel.
  • Changed Income and (hidden) TaxableIncome statistic type from Point to Daily (shows the cumulative amount for the past day)
  • Hide Households in Selected Info Panel and Household sidebar until they move in.
  • Added an extra data point outside the visible range, and used it to interpolate the position of the first point in the chart, thus avoiding gaps and visual stutters (fixes half of the chart being used only)
  • Make datapoints clamp to chart area(avoid line extending outside chart)
  • Deleted Budget group since it is not needed, and moved Income and Expense groups directly in Finances category
  • Hid money statistic from panel when playing with Unlimited Money option
  • Reorganized statistics menu

Land value improvements

  • Land value will be affected by ground pollution. The ground pollution will first slowly reduce the land value increasing, and when the pollution gets worse it will start to decrease the land value.
  • Land value won’t decrease to 0 even with heavily polluted land.
  • Land value will increase according to the industrial company’s profitability value.


  • Added SchoolSeekerCooldown to avoid too many pathfinding queries when the city doesn’t have enough schools
  • Improved shadow culling optimization
  • Faster and more stable simulation speed in very large cities
  • Minor optimization and leak fix for pathfinding
  • Optimization: Reordered some rendering-related systems to reduce waiting in the main thread
  • Optimization: Eliminated unnecessary main thread waiting in ModificationEndBarrier


  • Added snow on impostors (trees)
  • Changed outline color and fill color of districts for better visibility.
  • Changed the color of Mailbox- and Bus Stop markers. Changed the bus stop, Busline and Routetool icon colors to correspond new marker colors. Adjusted the district area colors for better visibility in bright snow
  • Tweaked road/rail shadows to be less aggressive
  • Fixed bus shelter icon color and default bus line color to be consistent with other bus line icons
  • Fixed visibility distance calculation bug (Mostly affecting power cable shadows with certain camera angles)
  • Fixed the texture of the Nuclear Power Plant’s concrete floor can extend beyond the building into a conical shape
  • Fixed terraforming, propping, and pedestrian access for multiple assets.
  • Fixed floating props on Technical University
Cities Skylines 2 patch update today January 31

That concludes the latest round of Cities Skylines 2 patch notes.

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