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How to slide cancel in MW3

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After being absent in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, slide cancelling is back for Modern Warfare 3. Although there was a partial slide cancel in Black Ops 4, the action first became a key feature in Modern Warfare 2019. With the MW3 well underway, you’ll want to know how to slide cancel in the latest Call of Duty title.

If you’re a Warzone fan, the upcoming map will also feature the same mechanics and weapons as MW3 multiplayer, so it’ll be handy prepare yourself for the launch of the full game.

How to slide cancel in MW3

Previous Call of Duty titles that featured slide cancelling would see your tactical sprint reset after performing the move. This meant that you could continue sprinting as long as you kept successfully hitting a slide cancel. Going into MW3, Sledgehammer Games has opted to remove the tactical sprint reset.

To slide cancel in MW3, you first need to make sure you have “tap to slide” enabled in your settings menu. Then, you can begin slide cancelling by quickly pressing the crouch button twice while sprinting and then hitting your jump button straight after. By doing so, the slide animation will be cancelled before it can fully finish.

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Slide cancelling may take you a few attempts to master, especially if you’ve never used the mechanic before. It’s mainly used to outmanoeuvre your opponents and catch them off-guard in a gunfight. In addition, it allows for more control of your movement as it will be more precise.

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