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A limited edition Starfield Vasco Funko Pop is available to pre-order

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Starfield is getting ready to take players on a brand new space adventure. Just days before the release date, Xbox has unveiled an exclusive Starfield Vasco Funko Pop. The adorable figure will undoubtedly be a perfect addition to your set up.

Vasco is Constellation’s expeditionary robot and just one of many companions you’ll encounter throughout your Starfield playthrough. At the Starfield Direct event back in June, the Bethesda team revealed that Vasco quickly became a favourite among the devs. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you meet Vasco and you’ll see why.

Vasco will always be by your side

The Vasco limited edition Funko Pop is an Xbox Gear Shop exclusive, meaning it can only be purchased through the Xbox Gear website. An Xbox Gear Shop exclusive sticker will even be included on the box, letting you know that it’s the real deal!

However, it’s worth noting that the figure won’t be shipped out until February 2024, a whole 6 months after Starfield hits Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC.

The Starfield Vasco Funko Pop is available to pre-order in limited quantities. You can purchase up to three Vasco’s, to be exact. They’re priced at £17.99 each, which isn’t too much, considering the fact that it’s a limited edition item.

Due to the exclusivity of the product, it’s best to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later to avoid missing out.

starfield vasco funko pop pre-order in box

Starfield is set to go into early access on September 1 and release worldwide on September 6.

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