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A decade later, GTA 5 finally gets a new sprint option

GTA 5 new auto sprint option Trevor campaign character

We’ve all been there, tapping the sprint button endlessly until our thumbs ache. Almost 10 years later, these frustration are finally getting put to rest. The next GTA 5 update will introduce a new sprint option to make running around a lot less tiresome.

I’m sure you can recall a time in-game that you were left stranded and had to travel on foot, tapping X over and over. Thankfully, that’s about to become a distant memory. Hopefully, this is a sign that sprinting will be much easier in GTA 6.

A new and improved sprint option has been on our GTA 5 wish list for a long time

Rockstar recently revealed details of the upcoming update in a blog post. Here, it was revealed that a hold to sprint setting will make its debut when the update goes live. This alternate sprint option will allow you to hold down the run button to sprint, rather than continuously tapping it. To enable this option, all you have to do is toggle it on in the settings menu when the update goes live. As the saying goes, its better late than never!

A new sprint option isn’t the only exciting addition as its going to be an action packed summer in GTA 5. You can expect new random events, a fresh Tactical SMG and much more as you take to the streets, oceans and even the skies.

GTA 5 new auto run sprint option looking over Vinewood sign

The GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries update is set to go live on June 13.

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