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Dress to Impress codes (July 2024) Free Mermaid outfit and more

dress to impress codes free clothes

Dress to Impress is the hottest fashion game in Roblox, seeing you earn stars to climb the ranks and become a Top Model. If you want to freshen up your wardrobe, you can do just that at a press of a button by redeeming Dress to Impress codes.

No matter the theme, you want your outfit to stand out on the catwalk. Entering codes will do just that by giving you access to exclusive clothes and accessories.

Dress to Impress codes (July 2024)

Here are all the codes that are active at the time of writing:

  • C4LLMEHH4LEY Dress and Bear ears
  • CHOOPIE10K Dress and Bunny bag
  • M3RM4ID Mermaid outfit
  • LANATUTU Skirt
  • ASHLEYBUNNI – Bunny slippers
  • SUBM15CY – Pearl necklace and eyelashes
  • LANA – Frilly pants, ruffled crop top, legwarmers
  • LANABOW – Bow accessory
  • LABOOTS – Two pairs of boots
  • TEKKYOOZ – A handbag accessory
  • LEAHASHE – Leah hoodie and Ashe pants

Now you’ve got your codes, all that’s left to do is redeem them:

  • Load up Roblox and open Dress to Impress
  • Click the pink button containing three stars which is on the left side of your screen
  • In the pop-up box, enter a code and hit the tick button to redeem your items

Once the items have been added to your inventory, they will be permanently tied to your account, allowing you to use them to make the perfect look going into every round. Just like any other piece of clothing or accessory, you can change its colour or pattern to fit with any given theme.

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With new Dress to Impress codes being added all the time, make sure to check back for the latest batch of rewards.

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